How are your product sites so fast?

A whole bunch of people have been asking how our site is so fast. Here's the secret.

Try it for yourself, click around the site - you'll see that our pages load immediately. We're excited to reveal that this behaviour is a feature of our new hosting platform, and latest project, Forge. It's a fantastic new platform, built just for static sites. So now you can build your projects with Hammer, work on them with Anvil, and host them on Forge. The perfect combination!

We'll even be bringing Forge integration to Hammer, so you can deploy your sites to Forge super-easily.

The best part is, Forge makes your sites insanely fast. It also just happens to be the nicest, easiest, and best web hosting platform in the world. It's super easy to use, and we have some great new features in the works. Get your free trial at and take your sites static today.